Corporate Secretarial Services

Our highly qualified and technically experienced team will provide on-going corporate secretarial support and compliance services such as:

  • Maintaining and safekeeping the statutory records and registers of the company
  • Maintaining in safe custody the common seal of the company
  • Preparing  the minutes of the directors’ and shareholders’ meetings
  • Preparing the Annual General Meeting of the Company
  • Preparing the Annual Directors’ Report to accompany the financial statements
  • Preparing and filing the company’s annual return
  • Issuing and safekeeping of share certificates
  • Arranging for legalisation and certification of documents
  • Arranging for the increase or decrease of the company’s share capital
  • Assisting in the compliance  of the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association with relevant shareholder agreements and legislation
  • Registering company pledges
  • Undertaking company searches and due diligence
  • Issuing of powers of attorney
  • Communicating with the Registrar of Companies for all necessary submissions of forms and requests for certificates
  • Providing full support to clients during acquisitions, take-overs or mergers and company disposals